From the Rainmakers Club, a membership based community of Start-Up, Micro and small Businesses; the home of unlimited advice and support!

During the first two years of delivering what we promised to our members, that is unlimited Advice and Support, it became apparent that this was not going to be enough! The reason we came to this conclusion was simply this; being reactive to their needs was too old school, we needed to change things up and become significantly more proactive.

As a business owner, entrepreneur or enterprising person, starting or building your own business, the daily noise of battle can so easily take over, pulling you into working in, rather than on your business. Along with other outcomes this tendency can also lead to missing some key activities that could make all the difference to the business and its development. I have no doubt that eventually, these hidden activities will come to the surface; but at what cost. How many opportunities are missed due to the delay?

Our answer is the launch of the ICE program, Innovate, Create, Execute. The idea is simple. This is an ongoing business development program that will take our members on a path, without distracting them from running their business, complimenting the day-to-day operations, planning and strategic processes. The program will inspire greater levels of innovation and creativity in any business, and at the same time allow the participant to execute what they learn for the benefit of their business going forward.

The three questions that make up the broad concept in a never ending cycle

The ICE program is included in the membership for Elite members, so no extra financial burden and members can progress at a speed that suits them and their business. The program is based around the ‘broad concept’ which asks three key questions; Where are you now? where do you want to be? What is the best way to get there, right now? These core questions create a cycle so that when you reach the end of the third question, the first one takes over again, and so it continues, mirroring the development and scale of your business.

If we drill down, each question has a series of activities and subjects that create the framework of the ICE program. Each element of the framework is based on our bespoke Rainmakers Club content, which in turn is taken from collective experience. We use tried and tested business intelligence, processes and procedures, as well as the latest thinking in business development techniques. The framework follows the development of each participant through the stages of growth. While the cycle repeats, each stage is bespoke designed to fit the stage of development at the time and the unique growing pains that will be experienced; this gives incredible flexibility and maximises the opportunities for true progression and controlled growth.

The program contains ten key areas starting with our business review, followed by the development of the bespoke plan. Now the program begins in earnest with headline subjects including Business planning; Product and service design; Mindset; Leadership; Financial modelling; Presenting; Scale and team building; Second curve thinking.

This is not a program that finishes, not in the traditional sense of the word because once you’ve completed a cycle, we have to ask the question; Where are you now? Where do you want to be tomorrow? What is the best way to get there right now? Thus, the cycle begins again but this time the content is more advanced to match the progress you and your business has made! The cycle has the capability to offer value from start to exit. This then is the Rainmakers Club ICE program. Welcome to the future, welcome to the world of the Rainmakers Club.