Written by Partner Member and Ambassador Flavia Powell

Have you ever met a happy person who runs a business they are unhappy in? How many successful people who inspire you do something they dislike?

Your business and your business ideas start with you. It is important that you are happy in yourself and that your business is in alignment with who you are, with your values and with your passion so that it brings you joy and success.

There is hardly much point in starting a business in catering if your passion is teaching school children. You won’t enjoy doing it and that can only go on for so long before it becomes time-consuming, off balance and stressful. Your business will be supported by the wrong energy and it will feel as though you are constantly sacrificing your passion and values. It will also attract the wrong customers.

Just as people are attracted to happy people, customers want to buy from happy businesses.
Have you ever met that grumpy shop assistant? Do you really want to buy from them?

Define what happiness and success mean to you. They are very subjective so happiness and success to you will mean something completely different to someone else.
Just describe in 5 words what each of them means to you

So how do you ensure that your business is right for you, it brings you happiness and attracts the right people?

Here are 7 steps which I consider vital:

Who are you and what are you good at?

First, you must know who you are as a person and what your individual qualities and attributes are. This is not what you do but who you know you truly are.
A lot of the time who we are and what we are good at becomes taken for granted because we tell ourselves “Well it’s just who I am”. Be proud of your individuality.
For example; I am bubbly, caring, sociable and empathic. I am good at talking to people, helping them overcome challenges, heal and smile.
Who are you? Are you empathic, creative and gregarious? Are you calm, analytical, serious and thoughtful?
What are you good at? Are you good at organising and motivating? Are you good at helping people organise their life? Are you good at supporting children in their education? Are you good at creating a beautiful bunch of flowers to make someone’s day?
This is the most important step; recognizing who you are and your individual attributes and qualities.
Describe in 5 words who you are.
Describe in 5 sentences what you are good at.

What is your passion?

In this step, you need to discover what you are passionate about and what your mission in life and within your business is.
What makes your heart sing? What is your reason for waking up in the morning and getting things done? What drives you?
For me, it’s helping people engineer happiness into their life by weaving joy into all areas so they can create the life they want, be successful and have a sense of inner peace and contentment. I have done it my whole life and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone smile.
You can discover your passion by looking at your childhood.
What was your favourite TV program and why?
What/who inspired you and why?
What did you get cross about later in your teenage years because you felt so strongly about it?
If I gave you 10 million pounds, what would you do differently?
Fire and passion go hand in hand. We get cross about things with are out of alignment with our passion and values.

Are you in alignment?

Now that you have discovered who you are and what your passion is, the next step is looking at whether your business or business idea is in alignment with those two things.

If it is aligned, it will not feel like work or like a sacrifice. It will bring you joy because you are doing what you love doing whilst being authentic you. When you are being yourself and doing what you love doing, the way you project yourself to the world will be with high energy, pleasure and authenticity. You will attract exactly what you project.

If you are out of alignment, your work will feel like a sacrifice, your stress levels high and you will worry more about the income gained rather than delivering value.

When we chase money, it is forever like chasing a snowball down a mountain. You can see it getting bigger, but it forever seems just out of your reach. Even if you catch up with it, it’s so big, it’s overwhelming and you become fearful of letting go in case it rolls away.

When aligned, we focus on adding value to people’s lives and the return comes without much effort. People like people who are like themselves. You attract who you are and whilst we also need to consider our finances, money comes more as a result of living our lives on purpose. People will only value as much as you value yourself.

I am in alignment because I am a Therapist and a Happiness Engineering Coach so not only can I help people smile but is also brings me happiness because it is aligned with my caring and sociable nature. I receive payment as a result of helping someone live a better life.

Ask yourself these questions:

How much am I worth?

Does my business make me happy?

If the answer is “I don’t know” and “No”, go back and start from the beginning. If it doesn’t make you happy now, and you don’t know your self-worth, it is not likely to be successful or if it becomes successful, for how long do you want the unhappiness in your life?

Find out who you are, elevate your sense of self-worth and ensure you are in alignment. Your business should give you a pleasant and warm feeling.

Setting Goals

This step is about setting goals so that you can gain clarity in where you are going, what you are looking to achieve, why, how and by when? Having a passion and a dream is fantastic but without clear steps, clear outcome and a vision for the future, it simply remains a dream.

Our passion and purpose have no end date. They are limitless. A goal has an achieving date. They are very different. However, when what we do is what we are passionate about, the goals we set are simply milestones along the way and the reason why we do what we do becomes our motivation.

Setting goals or targets will ensure your action plan, the steps forward and your reason why are clear. You can monitor progress. They will motivate you to act towards achievement.

My question to you is why is it that you do what you do?

Write down 3 reasons and how you feel. Make sure you keep them present and positive.

Example; I help people engineer happiness into their life. I feel happy, fulfilled and excited to see people smiling.

Now start mapping out your business plan and your goal with clear steps.

Involving Others

Achievement is much quicker and much more rewarding when we do it supported by others. We never have to do it alone. There is always something you would like to do and if you don’t know how to, there will always be someone who knows how to do it and willing to help. Ask for support.

This is what I love the most about the Rainmakers Club. Not only can you learn new skills, but you are also in exactly the right place to share your own learning and grow whilst helping others grow.

Attempting to do it alone brings struggle, frustration and overwhelm. Why struggle when you can be supported by experts? A lot of people are of the opinion that asking for help is a weakness. It is quite the opposite. Recognising that you need support in certain areas is a strength, proof of self-awareness and it makes you human. We can’t possibly master every skill. Wouldn’t that be boring?

We become the average of the 5 people closest to us so, make sure that you surround yourself with people who inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to grow and thrive. People of integrity will always want you to do well so seek those people out. For you to attract people of integrity, it is important you maintain integrity yourself.

What is the next skill you need to learn for your business?
Who can help you on your journey?
Ask for help.

Live every moment

It is very easy to become so engrossed in our business plans and future that we forget to enjoy the right here and the right now. We completely miss it and function in auto pilot mode. A lot of the time I hear people say, “I’ll be happy when I get there”, “I’ll be happy once I’ve achieved it”. What you are doing is, in fact, wishing your life away.

What you are aiming for is to be happy and with a sense of inner peace right now whilst working towards your goals.

To achieve that, it is important that you maintain balance in your life, ensure you have time for self-care, connect with the people you love and reward yourself for every bit of success no matter how small along your way.

Sometimes we strive for the big goal so badly that we pay no attention to our great achievements. Every milestone passed is a reason for celebration. Give yourself a pat on the back, celebrate with friends, buy yourself something you love and recognise your progress.
A well done goes a long way and it acts as a motivator for further progress.

Look at children. They thrive on praise for good achievement. We are the same. The more we celebrate, the more we succeed so we can celebrate more.

Remember that we are human ‘beings’, not human ‘doings’ so create the opportunity for you to just be at times. It is at those times of nurturing ourselves and listening to ourselves that great ideas pop into our heads.

You would not be able to run a marathon every day for very long before becoming exhausted so don’t attempt to run a business without stopping.

What have you achieved recently?
Now celebrate.

See yourself happy

When working towards your business success, it is important to look at it as though you have already achieved it. See yourself happy, enjoying adding value and reaping the rewards. Notice how good you feel. Add every bit of detail to that vision. What does your life look like? Who is in your life? What house do you live in? What car are you driving? How is your financial situation?

The more emotionally connected we are to our goals, the more likely we are to succeed so it’s important to create a picture of what your life is like when you have achieved them and how you feel.

The powerful vision will create a natural propel forwards and any obstacles will be mere challenges. Nothing will stop you because that happy image is so deeply embedded in your mind, you know you will overcome anything. Always work towards what you want and not away from what you don’t want.

Set your goal in words and then draw the pictures with coloured pencils. This technique ensures you access both logical and creative parts of the brain, creating an emotional connection to your goal.

Once emotionally connected, you are unstoppable.

Keep smiling ? xxx
Flavia Powell