The Rainmakers Club is excited to announce the appointment of fellow Rainmakers Club Partner Member Steve Thurlow as out Non-Executive Chairman, further demonstrating our serious approach to business development and commitment to a highly valued resource for the SME community.

Chris Batten, founder and executive officer of the business, said “In recent months we have invested heavily in local people who are a cultural fit with our vision and mission and most importantly love the concept of Rainmakers Club and share our core values too. These people will fast become the leadership team for the expanding club and its journey of Learn, Share and Develop.”

The Rainmakers Club became a limited company recently and was soft launched a little over 18 months ago. With plans to expand and a desire to offer unlimited support to the SME sector, the future is looking very exciting. Chris Batten went on to say, “Make no mistake we are young and in many ways vulnerable in the same way all start-ups are, but our core team are no strangers to hard work and the pain of growth. The pain will make the reward that much better to experience.”

Steve Thurlow runs his specialist consultancy and also hires his services out as a non-executive director, bringing to the board a safe pair of hands with a range of corporate knowledge that can give the SME a much-needed boost.

Steve spent 25 years working with a world-leading sales effectiveness consultancy and has worked with some of the world’s most successful sales teams including BP, IBM and Unipart Group. He has extensive in-depth knowledge of world-class best practice in the fields of selling, negotiation, proposals & presentations skills and the processes and management to support them. His experience and abilities will work with our team helping us all to maximise our sales and leadership potential.

For more information on the Rainmakers Club or this specific appointment, please contact the CEO Chris Batten email at or call on 07921141859.

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