The danger we all face when starting, or developing our businesses is that of being pulled further and further into the business, leaving us little or no time to actually work on the business, which in terms of development is vitally important to create sustainable success in your business.

The problem is you need to wear three different hats and the tasks that go with each that are not always the ones that you would naturally want to undertake! Running a business is all about balance and planning. When it comes to finding the time to develop your brand and undertake some effective marketing, we often hear the statement that there is simply not enough time.  These two vital elements are essential and you can’t truly get the job done without them. But what about the feeling that you are constantly running out of time?

The reality

Most people start their businesses with a particular skill, one they have significant expertise in. Often they start these businesses so they can continue with that skill but for their own business rather for the benefit of somebody else. There is nothing wrong with that, I have done exactly the same thing and also helped many others do the same many times. Here’s the issue we all face, being the technical expert is not going to be enough to make your business fly. You’re also going to have to get in touch with your inner manager and inner entrepreneur too. If you don’t think you have one, we can help with that also, because you do, we just need to help you tease them out from under the shadows of your technician. 

It may not always be true but often when you see people who say they do not have enough time to work on things like marketing and branding, is simply the case because they increasingly spend their time as the technician working in their business and no time working on it. This is a problem because in most cases what they really want is their own business and yet what they are building through their actions is a job for themselves nothing more and nothing less. 

The reality is they are doing a full days work and then have to try and find some additional  time to do all the other things you need to do when running a business and it gets on top of them, they run out of time, create pressure for themselves and even their families and often can even fall out of love with their own business! 

I would argue that marketing and brand development are two of the most important elements of business success and therefore you should always find time for these two activities. The good news is, it’s not as difficult as it may first appear. The key is of course to have a plan that will work for you and your business specifically. A plan that will help you break the habit, one step at a time.

The Solution

So now that you are in a position where you want to do more brand and marketing development all we need to do is show you a way to get out of your current routine and find some new habits that will work for you: 

First and foremost I would really like you to recognise that not doing these vital activities was not and is not a viable option unless of course you only want a job!  Secondly, I would put some time aside, maybe after hours or at the weekend to put together a plan. Not just any plan but a business plan, that allows you to focus on time, time that can be allocated to remaining as the technical but also finding time for management and innovation. All three of these are major functions required for longevity and success. 

By planning you can also discover at what point at what point you reach saturation and at what point you need to expand or outsource. The key to planning like this is you’re building into your plan the capability to remove yourself from the constant need to work in and spend more time working on. You should also plan what the cost of that expansion is and ensure the pricing strategy is right for that level of expansion that is needed to allow you to build a business that will work for you rather than you working for the business.

This may appear to be removed from the original question of how can I find more time to develop my marketing and brand but if you think about it this is exactly about that subject. You see by spending less time as a technician and more time as the business manager and entrepreneur you will by default find yourself with time to spend on brand development through your marketing. The key to this is to have a really smart marketing strategy and we can talk about that too in a future conversation. Initially, marketing and brand development do not have to mean great chunks of time or money and we would like to show you how.

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