What is a Brand Story?

More importantly what is your brand story and how happy are you that it is fit for purpose? Your brand story is so much more than written words. Your brand story should go far beyond what’s written on your website, brochure and leaflets. It’s more than the content of your presentation, the lone you use to pitch to the outside world.

Your story isn’t just what you tell people it’s also what they believe about you based on what you do, say and how you act. Your brand story should be a complete picture made up of facts, feelings and interpretations. This last point is very important because it means part of your story isn’t even told by you, but by others talking about you based on their experience of you.

We shouldn’t forget the other elements that contribute to your brand story, and that means pretty much everything you do, each element of your business or brand, which will include the colours, font’s, packaging. The design you use for your business cards. There are also elements that many people forget, such as the staff you hire or choose to work with or collaborate with. These all form part of your brand story. To be totally candid with you every element in your business should reflect the truth about your brand back to your audience.

As you know the Rainmakers Club is all about creating sustainable and exceptional results for your business, we are motivated by the desire to help you create a successful business moreover a brand that will create and nurture loyalty. If you do a great job the brand you create will be loved by your loyal followers, well that’s the mission as far as we are concerned.

Why you need a story to tell

Ask yourself a searching question right now, do you have a great brand story or are you just another business clinging to the greasy pole? If you don’t have a standout story you may be seen as just another business, like all the others! You don’t want that, and nor do we.

The thing is we are all looking for ways to differentiate our business and having a great brand story is certainly a big part of that differential. Creating a brand story is more than standing out from the crowd and getting noticed. It’s about building something that people care about and want to buy into. It’s about highlighting your scarcity and demonstrating your value. It’s about thinking beyond the products and services and focusing on the creation of loyalty and meaningful bonds with your customers.

Your brand story is not just a catchy tagline, it’s so much more than that. A good tagline may attract attention for a week or two. But your story is or should be the foundation of your brand and a catalyst for future growth.

A brilliant brand story is how Starbucks created a whole new coffee category and elevated itself far above its competitors. That story is the reason I will drive an extra 47 miles to buy my computer equipment from the Apple Store rather than a number of stores so much closer.

Starbucks didn’t simply set out to sell coffee at premium prices, their mission was to be ‘the third place’. Brands like Starbucks and Apple are built on so much more than the products themselves. Your product or service is only part of your story. A potential customer’s relationship with your brand will likely begin before they actually purchase your product, that has certainly been the case with the Rainmakers Club.

How to begin your brand story?

I have worked with many entrepreneurs and brands and I have worked on many a brand communication strategy enabling you to tell your brand’s story from the inside out. It’s the foundation upon which you differentiate your brand making emotional connections with clients and customers. A great brand story strategy will show you how to stand out, increase brand awareness, create customer loyalty and create those all-important exceptional and sustainable results.

We can work with brands at every stage of their development, from startups who are shaping a complete culture to established brands who are realigning their positioning and marketing communications or launching new products. More importantly, we can call upon some great industry experts to help you to develop your brand story beyond your expectations.

The story begins

Your story begins a lot earlier than you may think, it starts with the connection made when the customer hears your name for the first time. It starts when they see your logo, visits your website, read your ‘about page’ and experiences your interactions on social media. The signals you send about what you do and how you do it.The story builds as they learn what you stand for. Your brand story should build the complete picture of your brand. The truth is much of your Marketing will happen when you are not listening and your customer is telling a friend how your product and interaction with you changed their life.


Let The Rainmakers Club and our Marketing Partner ‘All About The Message’ work with you and explore your brand’s mission and vision. Let us work with you to identify the attitudes and beliefs that shape your brand’s culture.

We will evaluate your unique value proposition and emotional selling points and shape the way you would like to be perceived by customers and clients. Our job is to work with you toward that brand story that stands out from the crowd, placing you above all the white noise of daily business.

Contact us today to begin this journey, exclusive to Rainmaker Club Members.


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