Our Foundations trace back to the greats

Those of you who know me best will know that I am a fan of the works of Napoleon Hill. Most of today’s books can trace their content back to his works. Many of the principles behind the Rainmakers Club also come from his teachings, for which I make no apology!

We have taken his works and turbocharged them for the 21st Century and then directed them toward the underserved Start-Up, Micro and Small Business community.

We love this market!

This is my chosen market because it is underserved and the hero’s of commerce tomorrow can all be found in this demographic. Imagine how great the future is going to look with up and coming small businesses who work the Rainmakers way. Who produce exceptional and sustainable results, people like you and I, unwilling to accept mediocrely and strive for extraordinary and lasting results.

The Confession

I have a confession to make. The Rainmakers Club is not for everyone in that demographic, it’s not intended to help those who simply want to create a job for themselves and call it a business. It’s for those looking to grow business and create something unique. Those who join us will not be chased. If the passion for learning, to share, for developing, is not there, then we will not force it.

We are looking for those who are serious about business, those who feel the need for speed and make decisions without procrastination. In return, you get total support as well as the space to let your imagination run wild! My biggest frustration is also our friend. Let me explain. It frustrates me that people who come into the world of business feel the need to find their success through trial and error when the principles to success are already available!

Those who don’t seek our help are our friend too. They allow us to spend more time with those who want to learn from entrepreneurs who have already made the journey. In this way, they can avoid the chasm between mediocre and exceptional. This chasm I speak of looks unbridgable when viewed from the side of the average. When viewed from the other side of the abyss, it is the smallest of gaps and requires a simple step forward!

Open the door and come in!

When you become a full member of the Rainmakers Club (just £30 per month), we open the door to significant learning and experience. We won’t push you through the door, we simply invite you in. If you come in, you’ll have the benefit of unrivalled support and advice. If you don’t, well we can’t feel ill toward you because you give us room to collaborate with the few who want to be exceptional. Membership is no pushover, nothing that is worthwhile is. If you’re going to be one of the few then come on in, the water is lovely.

One day soon

Mark my words, one day, all business support and advice will work this way! Membership based, low-cost, unlimited help and support. Your success will come if you stay the course and focus, but it will come with higher speed and more significant opportunity with the Rainmakers Club. A community where serious business is based on the foundation of Learn, Share and Develop.