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Starting, planning or growing your own business?

We specialise in start-up micro and small business development. Not just the development of the business but also the people too, using our simple model of Learn, Share and Develop. Creating businesses that work for you.

Building a Business capable of exceptional & sustainable results?

One of our primary objectives for all our members is the development of knowledge and skills that assist the individuals and their respective businesses to generate exceptional and sustainable results. This is core to our development programs.

Looking to create scale in your business?

All businesses experience growing pains and all business people need help from time to time. With the Rainmakers Club approach to business and personal development, we can help you on your journey to a scalable business. Including LEAN business principles, succession, team selection and building and strategic planning coupled with operational and leadership excellence.

Our support and advice are underpinned by a selection of experts in the field and supported with workshops and downloadable aids and tools.

Unlimited Advice & Support is a standard benefit of membership.

We love to help and support brand new start-up business as much as we do small and micro businesses, with membership becoming part of our community means unlimited support and advice as standard.

The Rainmakers Club Approach

Our entire business is based on our core values of Create, Listen Educate Attract Nurture, we call it working CLEAN. Our operations all focus on three core principles of Learn, Share, Develop. By learning and sharing your knowledge you will develop yourself and those around you.

It feels fantastic to be part of such a wonderful and friendly community. When I first met Chris, I was truly taken by his passion to help people and business owners learn new skills, share their existing skills and further develop themselves and their business. This community offers incredible support to everyone. We collaborate and support each other rather than compete and that is a breath of fresh air.

It can be hard and costly starting with a business idea, getting it off the ground and turning it into a success. The Rainmakers Club offers unlimited support and guidance for a very small membership fee and the value received is second to none.

I have met some lovely people and thoroughly enjoy our monthly meetings. Since joining, I have felt supported, encouraged, my confidence grew, my skills are developing further and I have the opportunity to grow but also the satisfaction of maintaining alignment with my passion for helping others.


Author, Speaker & Coach, Happiness Engineering

Since joining Rainmakers within the inner circle, I have found the support from both Chris and fellow Rainmakers invaluable.

As a business, we are consistently evolving and with the input from Chris at the Rainmakers this has allowed ourselves to refocus on our processes both within the business recruiting through to moving the business forward implementing processes to run lean, along with a touch of humour along the way.


CEO, Chatsbrook Asset Finaince

Since I made the decision to join and commit to the Rainmakers Club, I have always known where to go for my support and advice as I build my business! I would not hesitate to recommend membership to anyone serious about developing their business, this is a true asset.


CEO, Vala Evo

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