Tip Three – Consider short or long-term Pivots.

The is a high degree of certainty that change in your market is a constant feature. In general we humans do not get on too well with change, and yet it is ever-present in our business lives, or at least it should be. Improvements cannot be gained by simply doing hat you have always done, change is the only way to get different results!

Our businesses are to a certain extent, a series of assumptions based on a combination of experience, instinct or belief. This is a good practice but is far more valuable and resource-saving if we test those assumptions, all the time.  Once tested action is needed.

Sometimes the best action is to consider the benefits of a pivot. This is simply a slight change in direction, rather than a change of ultimate objective and allows you to make sometimes subtle and sometimes less subtle changes to the tactics you employ in your business. It is often the case that a pivot or two can work wonders for circumnavigating the challenges you’re facing. For more on this book, a 1-2-1 video call and we can put some meat n the bones of this strategy to help your business grow.