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Mission & Values

How to attract people to your business team

How to attract people to your business team


There is so much more to this than you may first think. Bringing people into your business is not easy but many people in business tend to make it much more of a minefield than it needs to be. To answer the question of how to attract people to your business team there are a number of things that you need to do and they are:

  • Have a clear VMV for all to see
  • Spend time and effort creating the right reputation
  • Understand people and their traits 
  • Be selective
  • Test everything 

We have to make a few assumptions because we are not dealing with your specific needs and circumstances, probably the biggest assumption is we assume that you want to grow a good solid and loyal team and not just play the numbers game. The downside to this assumption is it will take you longer to find the right people. The upside is once to have them they will be loyal and help you to grow your business. 

The Foundation

As with many things in life and most things in business you’ll have a major advantage if you start off with a great foundation and in this case, the foundation is a tangible Vision, mission and values for all to see. Think about it this way, if you were not the sort of person that wanted to run their own business and instead you wanted to get a job, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t jump at the first offer you got if it didn’t fit your needs. 

A clear vision will show the person that you have ambitions for the future, a clear mission will show them that you have goals and that you know what you have to do and where you intend to go. Finally, your values will show them the personality of the business and the kind of person you are and the behaviours you expect. 

Next, you need to ensure that your values are not just a set of words but are actually actions that are taken, principles that you live by and boundaries in your business that you will not cross. It is the way you act and what you say and do that will determine what people say about you when you’re not in the room. It is what people say and really thinks that will determine how good your reputation becomes. Therefore it is vital that you have and communicate a clear vision and show visible direction for the future.

As we have already indicated your reputation, in essence, is going to be dictated by what people are saying about and thinking about you and your business, when you’re not in the room! So take a long hard look at yourself and ask the question, how does that make me look to the outside world? Think about how you conduct yourself when things are not working as well as they could, or when someone upsets you. What are you saying and posting on the social media platforms, as a business and as an individual? What does that say about you? Beware that candour is a very rare and valuable commodity and so you may not always get the right picture from those closest to you. 

When you have your Vision, Mission and Values right, when you have your reputation and behaviours right, you will start to attract the right kind of people into your business and life. 

Another great, but more advanced aid to attracting the right people into your business and your life is to understand individual traits when selecting those to work with or bring in to your inner circle. As a member of the Rainmakers Club, we make this easy by giving you access to significantly discounted profiling tools. User these in conjunction with the interview and other testing. The more you do the better your selection will be. 

Don’t settle for second best, always be selective and choose wisely, better to have one superstar than 10 mediocre people. They may bring business but mediocre people generate mediocre results and reputations, and you want more than that!


The better you are, the more value you bring the more attractive you make your proposition the more you’ll attract the right people. Remember the Rainmakers Club core values and try to adopt them if your aim is to be the best you can be, we call it working CLEAN where CLEAN stands for: Create – Listen – Educate – Attract – Nurture. This is a model for success.

Andrea Hardiman talks about your ‘Why’

Andrea Hardiman talks about your ‘Why’

Andrea Hardiman is one of our Partner Members, a true Rainmaker and the founder of her own marketing solutions provider based in Norwich, Norfolk, called ‘All About The Message.’ She is as passionate about marketing as we are about the Rainmakers Club, making her a true asset for all out members. Andrea, like many of us, understands the importance of knowing your true ‘Why’ and has written the article below to help spread the word.


What is your ‘Why’ and why is it so important?

You’re a business owner.  Why do you do what you do?  Why do you get out of bed in the morning?  To earn money?  To be recognised?  To gain security?  To be independent?  To regain control?  To help your family?    Yes, these are reasons, but none of these is your ‘Why?’

Your ‘Why?’ runs deep

When discovered; your ‘Why?’ will pull at your heartstrings or make the hairs rise on the back of your neck.  It’s all about you.  It’s personal.   It is your unique story and you’ll know when you’ve tuned into it.

What happens when I tune into my ‘Why?’

For you

Your ‘Why?’ will be something that fires up your passion for what you do, gives you the energy to keep going when everything seems impossible. It makes you fight, not give up, stand up not stand back, push forward not standstill, never fading.  It reminds you why you are here, doing what you are doing, right here, right now.  It is your purpose.

It could be about having quality time with your children, being able to pick them up from school,  continue a family business, make sure you have the money to have a family holiday, be independent from your partner, get control back in your life and earn your own wage.  The list is endless.

For your customers

Your ‘Why?’ helps customers understand what you stand for in a crowded marketplace. You’ll stick in their heads.  They’ll want to find out more.  They’ll want to connect.  It will give them insight into you as a person, someone they may be doing business with now or in the future, your ethos, what drives you and what makes you unique.

Your Why + Your Passion = Your Success

Once I find my ‘Why?’ what do I do with it?

No one else will have your ‘Why?’ Therefore, it can be part of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that shapes your marketing messages.  Communicated in the right way, your ‘Why?’ will help you stand out from the crowd vs your competitors, getting you recognised. It can be used in your social media, when you go networking, written into the ‘About me’ page on your website, or when you’re talking about your business to a potential new customer.   Of course, you must be comfortable with what you’re saying, if you’re not, don’t say it.

My ‘Why?’

I’ve always loved marketing, watching the iconic TV adverts of the 1970s and 80s and trying to understand why they used aliens to advertise mashed potato, dancing pandas to sell chocolate bars and who was J R Hartley?   These adverts captured my imagination and I wouldn’t let my dad change the channel until I’d watched them.

Fast forward 20 years working for some global brands in the UK.  My passion was always to create marketing messages that worked for the audience, devising creative ideas that got the products and services talked about and remembered.  Nothing gave me a buzz like it.   However, I was made redundant.  My son was four at the time and I’d planned to take the summer off, spend time with him and find another job when he started school.

As the summer came to an end, I realised this was no longer my Master Plan.  I craved autonomy, independence and the flexibility to take my son to school, pick him up, to be there for sports day and volunteer for school trips.  I wanted to be with him while he was still young and while it was cool for him to have his mum around! Time passes too quickly.  You can’t get it back and I didn’t want to lose a moment.  My ‘Why?’ was my son.

So, in 2015, I founded my own marketing company, All About the Message.  I have always been a bit of a free spirit.  It was essential for me to have flexible working hours, be able to promote my brand how I wanted, to choose whom I collaborated with to grow my business, pitch for the clients that I wanted and to forge the relationships that were important to me.  All of this added even more fuel to my fire and my ‘Why?’


Fast forward to last year.  My father died suddenly and unexpectedly. He had Stage 3 Prostate Cancer. Neither my mum or I knew.  He did. He kept it to himself.  He was of the generation that ‘you just got on with it’.  He did just that and he got on with life in the time he had left.

The passion and conviction of my ‘Why?’ has never wavered, even when my confidence has crashed and self-doubt has crept in.  This is the power your ‘Why?’ holds.   Somehow, since my dad died, his resolve, stubbornness and ‘just get on with it attitude’ has fuelled it even more.  Imagine a furnace, powered by a volcano…the size of a planet!

If he can get on with life knowing that time is short then, for my business, I can absolutely ‘nail it to the wall and ‘kick it out of the park’… for my son and me and that is ‘Why?’

Want to learn more about ‘Why?’  Simon Sinek  is all about the ‘Why?’


We don’t need Vision, Mission & Values. That’a just ‘boring old school!’

We don’t need Vision, Mission & Values. That’a just ‘boring old school!’

Talking about Vision, Mission, and Values, may well be a bit old school but nonetheless, it is an essential part of the building blocks of your business, well any business, at any stage of development. It would be easy for me to use bland and inaccurate statements, such as it’s never too late to start. Trouble is the longer you leave it the harder it becomes to take full advantage of what is an essential tool for business development.

Yes, that’s right I said essential tool. Contrary to the many businesses that use these elements as a bunch of slogans for screensavers or posters on the wall. Ther is a much bigger and essential purpose for these cornerstones of your business. I would say, the sooner you have carefully designed and thought through Vision, Mission and Values published and acted upon the better you’ll be going forward.

Of course, if you can’t keep to them the perhaps its best not to bother, but for those of us serious about the business we know what a difference they can make to development, retention, attraction, reputation, brand values, lead generation, sales, and exit.

I have found over the years, very few businesses understand the full importance of this element in the development of, in particular, their reputation and brand, which invariably touches all other parts of their business.