I have worked hard all my life chasing greater success, like all rainmakers do, and there have been times where it felt like I was completely on my own, but there have also been times where I have felt the significant influence and support of those who have mattered the most to me in business and my personal life.

Some, closest to me, might venture to say that it is difficult to see the difference between my personal and business life! I guess that comes from my endless passion for business, and the people with the courage to go into business for themselves, not forgetting my true passion for the development of those brave souls working in and on the various businesses and projects.

Life, or at least mine, seems to be peppered with events and unforeseen circumstances that interfere with the perfectly formed plans that we all make. Those who are truly successful are often those who show the greatest flexibility. They also show the greatest emotional intelligence, and the greatest willingness to learn and share their knowledge, this, in turn, gives them all they need to be able to roll with the punches, change course and continue with the ultimate mission. Sharing knowledge also results in them developing themselves while helping others to develop too.

These are the general principles behind the Rainmakers Club. If you’re reading this you are either a member or thinking about joining us, either way, I hope you enjoy the new series of books we are about to launch, called Business Alchemist. This series of books come in ten parts and each one is also supported by workshops that will be released during 2018. The hope is you’ll learn something new, or remind yourself of lessons already learnt and perhaps forgotten. In the series of books we will educate and remind you and in so doing equip you to refine your skills and pursue the aim we all share, the production of exceptional and sustainable results while building businesses of true worth.

The Business Alchemist Series is dedicated to you my fellow Rainmakers. The first volume is dedicated to my brightest stars past and present, the people that have never doubted me and always been there to offer support when I needed it most, those who did not judge me. Its dedicated to you because you’re the people that have and do matter to me the most. So thank you Don, George, Lucy, Julie, Emma, Steve, Mike, Scott.

It is also paradoxically dedicated to all those who have been my naysayers and doubters, for it was you that inspired this book on how to behave in business, it was your actions and attitude that motivated me to design on paper the perfect way to act when working in or on a business!

My hope is many people get to read this, think about it deeply and then act. I wish you good  fortune on your own journey, and above all else, keep believing in you and never stop learning.

Chris Batten

Director Rainmakers Club

The Business Alchemist Series

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