About our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are selected for their desire to help other Rainmaker Members and because they have a Desire to grow their local community and support fellow Rainmaker Members. They are committed to offering local help or advice on getting the best from Rainmakers Hub membership. Ambassadors get their own promotional page and significant discounts on all educational events. All we ask is that our Ambassadors help us to promote membership. If you would like to be considered as an ambassador please get in touch.

Being One of Our Ambassadors or Partner Members

In this quick clip, we introduce you to what being an Ambassador or Partner Member to The Rainmakers Hub means, what you need to do, what you get and what we are looking for. These positions are limited and bring with them significant advantages for those who are suitable to take on these key roles.

Ambassadors have a significant influence on where and how we develop and our Partner Members provide the much-needed expertise to our membership, helping us to deliver on Learn, Share, Develop. For more contact Chris Batten.

Steve Thurlow

Steve Thurlow

Non-Exec Chairman

Steve has been an avid supporter of the Rainmakers Club and the concept behind it since it was first introduced to him by the founder. With his vast corporate experience and the recent experiences of running his own specialist consultancy, he was the perfect choice for our Chairman, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge, experience and mentoring for our leadership team.

Steve spent 25 years working with a world-leading sales effectiveness consultancy and has worked with some of the world’s most successful sales teams including BP, IBM and Unipart Group. He has extensive in-depth knowledge of world-class best practice in the fields of selling, negotiation, proposals & presentations skills and the processes and management to support them and will work with you to maximise your sales potential.

Chris Batten

Chris Batten


Chris openly admits this business started life as a rant about the lack of cohesive support for the micro businesses, start-up businesses and SME’s. That rant turned into a book and various speaking engagements and eventually became what is now called the Rainmakers Club. You can probably trace the business back to his first involvement with the world of business. That part of his career started after a successful Army Career and culminated with some international CEO positions, before finding his way back to the love affair with the small business community.

These days Chris will admit to being a little too old to play his beloved rugby and so outside of work keeps himself busy with his writing and his role as a Helmsman on his local LIfeboat.

Steve Whiteside

Steve Whiteside

Education Director

Steve was one of our first members, a real early adopter and advocate of all things Rainmaker. If you speak to Chris, he will tell you that when he was designing the pen-picture of the ideal Director of Education, it was before he had even met Steve for the first time. He will go on to explain to you that once he got to know Steve he ticked every single box on the list of must-have skills for this essential role.

Steve has many successful years as a teacher. He also runs his own small business giving him a real understanding of our members needs. Steve has always been a keen sportsman and retains this love of sport mainly on the golf course. As the rest of the team will tell you he has never lost that cold stare only a teacher can administer!

Talk to us about becoming an Ambassador or Education Group Leader

We are committed to giving our Ambassadors the maximum exposure to the membership. We are also looking for people in various geographic areas to become our educational group leader. If either of these options appeals to you then we should talk.

Quick Advice

We believe asking questions is a sign of strength and Rainmakers are comfortable asking for help, opinions and advice. As a member of the Rainmakers Club, you have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have relating to your business or personal development.  Membership includes unlimited use of this service. If we do not have the answer, we will research and find the answer for you.

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