Tip Two – Allow yourself some quality thinking time.

When adversity strikes it can often railroad our thoughts and distract us, taking our attention away from the opportunities and placing us in a negative cycle of thoughts, that will restrict our creativity and innovative thinking.

This negative cycle can be addictive and take our thoughts away from those activities that will do us the most good. In times like these, it is essential that you stay the course and remain focused on the vision and mission.

Allowing yourself time to think and seek alternate views and advice, from Rainmakers Club is essential, albeit I am a little biased! This quality thinking and planning time becomes all the more important in times of adversity. Select with care who you talk to and seek an opinion from. If we talk to others who are feeling overly negative, they may encourage or endorse these less than constructive thoughts.

I am not saying that the challenges should be ignored, but they should not take control of your actions and your drive to continue to have complete clarity of objective. You need to allow yourself the time to look at the big picture and spend some quality time planning the way forward, beyond the glass ceiling into the blue. This may include short or long-term pivots or re-engineering, and that is fine if it helps to weather the perfect storm we all find ourselves, victims of. The strong of thought and action, those that share and learn will prevail. So please do lean on us for support and fresh ideas and innovations.