The Story Behind The Rainmakers Club – Unlimited Business Support and Advice

It all started with a rant!

The Early Years

The story behind the Rainmakers Club, where unlimited business support and advice is standard, started with a rant which is turning into revolutionary business advice and support community. My entry into the world of business was quite late really, or at least I think so. I was 34 and had completed a very successful military career in the British Army. I had taken that side of my life as far as was possible for me and now I had another itch to scratch. What I really wanted was to start my own business! It sounded so easy when I announced this aim to the world! Boy, was I wrong! It certainly wasn’t easy but it was totally engaging.

For the next few years, I was to learn the right way to do things. This was mainly by getting it wrong more times than I was comfortable with. The main thing is, I learnt from those mistakes. Turn the clock forward and I had felt the frustration of the small business owner who needed support but could not find it. In those days it was not just the physical support I was looking for. I was also looking for the right backroom technologies. In the end, I built my own solution.

The Corporate CEO Days

Some years later I sold the solution to a competitor and moved into the corporate end of the business world. I became the CEO of an international business. When that was sold I moved into another CEO position. This became my career for some years, a CEO for a variety of businesses in a variety of markets.

All through this time, I didn’t forget my roots or my passion. This passion was for writing and speaking about all things business and development. As a CEO I felt there was something missing. I felt this way for some time until a close friend of mine asked if I could help one of his clients. I found myself back in the small business arena and loved it. Almost immediately I decided this is where I wanted to be. I love the buzz of mixing it up with the start-up, micro and small businesses, sharing the excitement with them.

Then Came The Rant & Solution

It didn’t take long for me to feel the frustrations they were feeling. Mainly over the lack of cohesive support for the small business and also the often prohibitive cost of that support. This challenge resonated with me so much that I decided to talk and write about it. This soon turned into a full-blown rant! Then some bright spark said to me, I agree with everything you’re saying. They asked when are you going to do something about it? I can tell you that was the exact moment, the exact kick in the pants, I needed and the rant turned into an idea. The idea turned into a solution that became the Rainmakers Club. A community of small businesses where we supply unlimited support and advice.  All we ask for is a simple low-cost membership fee. One day all business support and advice will work this way!

Our Core Values

We take our core values very seriously. They define the foundation of our business and its personality. More than that they are the boundaries beyond which we will not venture. We collectively call our core values working CLEAN.


The Rainmakers Club strongly believes, there is only one purpose for business and that is to create. Being creative in our thinking, in the design of our solutions. Being creative in our processes, and procedures will help to keep us at the cutting edge of business. Creating new opportunities for our members is our constant objective.

Thinking creatively is central to our differential. Being creative promotes those exceptional and sustainable results the business and all of our members desire.


We can all learn more by listening than by talking. At the Rainmakers Club, we encourage communication and value candour. We believe in candid feedback, always delivered with respect. By listening, we learn about our members, our market, other markets and what might be just around the corner. This allows us to remain relevant and to develop new ideas, making us a sustainable business for the future.

By listening we show our members that they are important to us. Using active listening we can ensure our services and products are what the market and our members really want and need.


Creating, developing and maintaining business success has at the centre of its journey education. For that very important reason education is at the core of our values. As a business and supplier to other like-minded businesses we are committed to a constant collection and distribution of education.

Our commitment to sharing lessons learned to and between members is a vitally important core activity. It is also the main key to our own success.


Our success will always be dependent on the quality of our leadership. The innovation behind our service. The content we generate, and our engagement with the business community. We, therefore, strive constantly to be attractive to the business community, through our activities and the value we bring to our subscribers.

The more attractive we are in this regard the more we will attract new members. This helps us all to extend our reach.


Attracting new members is only half the story. We also need to invest time effort and other resources into nurturing our subscribers. We do this by constantly looking to assist them in their mission and objectives through contact. This involves our offerings, educational materials, advice, coaching, mentoring and encouraging collaboration between members.

As a brand, we need to be known as one that looks after the interests of our members. Always being available to assist them in any way we can within the remit of our business.

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