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The Story So Far

After a very successful tour of duty with the armed forces in the United Kingdom, I decided to follow a dream I had harboured since my school days, to go into business for myself and to also find a way to include my passion for writing. I started that journey by finding a position with a national brand who were willing to invest in my education in the world of business.

Three years later I was sitting behind my own desk, running my own financial services business, the dream was becoming a reality. It didn’t take too long for the frustrations to take hold. At this time the main frustration was not being able to find a technology that gave me what I wanted in the back office function of my small business. I turned that first frustration into a solution.

What I didn’t see coming was the complete pivot my business was to take on the back of the new solution we had built. Turn the clock forward one year and my solution was purchased by a competitor, this move started a series of events that ultimately resulted in the launch of the Rainmakers Hub!

Post sale of my business I became the CEO of an international business operating on both sides of the Atlantic. From there another CEO appointment for a business operating in the UK, mainland Europe, North America and the Middle East. It was during this period that I started to offer pro-bono work for some start-up and small businesses. During this time my frustration grew over the lack of cost-effective and cohesive advice and support for the small business community.

This frustration continued to grow and I started to talk about it at many of my speaking engagements, I even wrote about it. I have always been interested in writing, It was at this time that I began to design a mechanism to merge all my passions into one. My passion for business and personal development, my passion for writing and my desire to find a solution for the lack of cohesive and affordable advice and support for the small business.

The end result was the launch of Rainmakers Hub, a subscription-based business offering affordable and unlimited advice and support for the start-up, micro and small business owner. Welcome to the Rainmakers Hub.

Our Core Values

We take our core values very seriously. They not only define the foundation of our business and its personality, they are also the boundaries beyond which we will not venture. We collectively call our core values working CLEAN.


As a business being creative in our thinking, in the design of our solutions, processes, and procedures will help to keep us at the cutting edge of business. Creating new opportunities for the business and our members and creating opportunities for those in the community that we assist is our constant objective.

Thinking creatively in all that we do helps to maintain our differential and promotes those exceptional and sustainable results the business and its members desire.


We learn more by listening than by talking. We encourage communication and value candour and feedback. By listening, we learn about our members, our market, other markets and what might be just around the corner. This allows us to remain relevant and to develop those valuable second curves making us a sustainable business for the future.

By listening we show our members that they are important to us and by listening we can ensure our services and products are what the market and members really want and need.


Creating, developing and maintaining business success has at the centre of its journey education. For that very important reason education is at the core of our values. As a business and supplier to other like-minded businesses we are committed to a constant collection and distribution of activities that promote education.

The encouragement of sharing lessons learned to and between members is not only a vitally important core activity but the key to our own success.


Our success will always be dependent on the quality of our leadership, service, content, and engagement with the business community. We, therefore, strive constantly to be attractive to the business community, through our activities and the value we bring to our subscribers.

The more attractive we are in this regard the more we will attract new members helping to extend our reach and the reach of our existing subscribers at all levels.


Attracting new subscribers is only half the story, we also need to invest time effort and other resources into nurturing our subscribers, constantly looking to assist them in their mission and objectives through contact, offerings, educational materials, advice, coaching, mentoring and encouraging collaboration between members.

As a brand, we need to be known as one that looks after the interests of our members and always be available to assist them in any way we can within the remit of our business.

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Quick Advice

We believe asking questions is a sign of strength and Rainmakers are comfortable asking for help, opinions and advice. As a member of the Rainmakers Club, you have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have relating to your business or personal development.  Membership includes unlimited use of this service. If we do not have the answer, we will research and find the answer for you.

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